“Ring-Bound Journal”

Today I decided I wanted to make a ring-bound journal.  Not for anything in particular but just cause I could 🙂  I have made a few journals using the Twine Binding Method and they are great but, to have a journal the opens completely flat to Junque Journal in will be much easier.

I thought about the covers and I decided on some sturdy book covers that I cut the spine from. I have an unused cookbook which measures approx 8×10″.The size rings I thought I would try are 3.5 cm.


The first thing I did was gesso over the front and back so that anything I stick or paint will stick to them. I decided to use a couple of lovely prints from one of my Daphne’s Diary magazines and then I added a quote. I adhered them on with really strong double-sided tape and extra strong PVA. I didn’t want them going anywhere. I added a bit of dimension using a glitter marker. I guestimated where to punch the holes for the rings and then added the large eyelets. To finish them off I just sponged some Walnut Strain Distress Oxide Ink around the edges.

The quote is a fave of mine and it reads –

“She doesn’t have religion, her faith resides in the stars, flowers, ocean and herself” –  Zachery K Douglas

Now on to cutting out some paper for it and stay tuned for the next post 🙂

Have a great day!

Kerri x