“Recycled Junk Journal Tutorial” – PART 1

Hi Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in Australia! I am having a chillax at home today and playing with my Junque Journals

I thought you might like to see how I make my Junk Journals from cereal box/cardboard! This is a STEP X STEP and you are Welcome to play along!



You only need basic items like scissors or a cutter, double-sided tape or glue, your box and some extra cardboard or chipboard.

STEP 1 – 

d some extra cardboard for this step!   STEP 1 – Find your self an empty cereal box or some cardboard. I like cereal boxes and book covers as they already have a spine made and I don’t have to mess around making one 🙂

Open the box up by cutting one edge, then you can either glue the tabs up or cut them off. I like to cut them off then use my cutter to get a nice straight edge.


If this is your first go at making one you are probably best to go for a smaller box or something like a biscuit box to start with.

STEP – 2 

This one is 12 x 8.75″, and the spine is 2.75″. I decided on making a larger one, as I want the journal to give me more real estate to play with 🙂 I also cut extra chipboard or cardboard to strengthen the spine and covers as mine are handled quite a bit. I glue these on with a strong PVA glue and give them time to dry properly.


Another good way to adhere them is strong double-sided tape then go over with a glue stick. Just make sure you leave a little bit of a gap and don’t put the edge of the chipboard right up against the spine as you will need a little room for it to open and close. I always do the covers and the spine by cutting them a little smaller than your box.

I keep the cardboard that is usually found on the back of 12×12 paper pads and also you could use an extra cereal box or any other cardboard/chipboard you have.



I just wanted to show you this one, which is quite large at 7.5 x 10″ The spine is about 4″ wide and I have also made one 6×12″   These are Memory Journals. They are so much fun to create in 🙂


This Vita Brits box, I am altering to make a journal that will be 7.5 x 8.5″ and its spine is a bit bigger @ 3.5″. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

Stay Tuned for PART 2 which I will have for you in the next couple of days.

Happy Journaling

Kerri x