“Craft Storage Ideas”

Hello Everyone,

It is the 1/9/20 and the first day of SPRING here in Australia.  Hopefully the days will get a little warmer and our Corvid Restrictions might ease a little! I miss seeing my friends and family, but we are slowly getting there I think!

This week is pretty busy work wise for me but in-between, I am changing how I store a few of my craft supplies in my ‘new space’. I thought you might like to see what I am doing. These ideas  might even work for you and your craft area!

markers 1

First up is my marker storage, which really bugged me! I decided to invest in some decent storage from Deflecto.  They clip together so nothing falls out of them and I can stack them on top of one another! I have all my SU Alcohol Ink and Watercolour Markers, plus my other Alcohol Ink Markers and Distress Crayons, stored all together, easy to find and access.

storage 1

I like to use different types of storage, that may not be used for it’s intended purpose. A couple of months ago, I ordered these Tupperware Spice containers, but I decided to use them for my craft embellishments instead. The caps come off to fill them up and there is two separate openings to use for getting them out!

storage 3

I used my Dymo Label Maker to create their labels and they stack nicely on top of one another. They are semi clear so I can also see their contents.

storage 2

These fit nicely on top of my maker storage and also on my storage unit on my desk which you probably saw on my previous post “HERE”

Another few problem areas I find hard to sort are dies, stamps that come in plastic and die cuts. I think I have finally found a solution that will work for me.

storage 4

Today I finished sorting my dies into themes. I only keep my SU dies and stamp sets together, at my desk in the white unit. My other dies are sorted into, Leaves, Journal, Grunge, Frames, Flora, Doilies, Winged and Misc. You of course could sort to what you have.

storage 5

I have some Universal Craft Storage Boxes. Each one Includes one big storage case – 21 x18.5 x 14 cm and six internal 17×12 x3cm storage boxes. They are perfect for storing all sorts of supplies, including small punches, photos, ribbon, washi tape etc…….

Above are all my dies sorted in two boxes.  I decided to leave my Sizzix/Tim Holtz dies in the plastic packets and they are in a box also together.

diecuts 2

Die cuts are one embellishment that I probably have too much of, but they are so useful for lots of projects. Sometimes I am lazy and I cant be bothered stamping and colouring to make my own! These are great for my die cuts that I seem to be searching for all the time!

diecuts 1I

I sorted these into themes as well and they are well organised now.

diecuts 3

I collated them into the most used themes I have and use.

diecuts 4

I labelled the outside of the boxes and the smaller cases with some stamped labels made from cardstock.

I am going to use these for most of my smaller storage. I can label each one in the case then the outside of the main case to tell me what is stored inside.  I think my ‘other stamps’ will be what I attack next and probably collate the same sort of way. They will be all stored on one of my bookcases across from my desk 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my ideas I have shared with you and you might find them useful!!

Thanks for stopping by

Hugz Kerri x





” Craft Storage Ideas”

Hi, My Crafty Friends,

Firstly, an apology as I have not posted for more than a week! Work is pretty busy at the moment and I do a lot of morning shifts so it is a long day! Anyway…….. I have been able to spend some time with my boys as they have both had some time off work. They are very excited also as they are going to the USA next year! We went to Melbourne on Monday for a day out together and it was a lot of fun.  I have also spent the weekend with my sister which is always a nice break 🙂  We decided to get a new lounge suite so yes, I have had to move my Scrap Space from the lounge to accommodate it!

Oh well…………….nothing like a change 🙂  The boys helped me heaps moving some of my heavier furniture which was great and getting rid of our old chairs etc ready for the new 🙂

It was a bit of a job moving things AGAIN, but well worth it to have the loungeroom back 🙂


space 4

As you can see I like setting up my space along the wall in our quite large dining room, as there is great light in the front window and it makes it look very roomy!  I try not to overcrowd my desk with STUFF as I like to have a good space to create a MESS!

space 5

I invested in a new bookcase as my old one was getting a bit beyond holding much these days! This is just as you come into the kitchen door and on the left. I have a couple of pieces displayed on the top-shelf, the second shelf is Napkins, book pages images, etc for mixed media and my sewing box. The third shelf is all my pretty trims and laces plus my ATC holder and a couple of friends;) Forth shelf is some stamps, Junk Journal stuff and my large dies. The fifth shelf is my fabric and 6×6 pattern paper pads. To finish is a few of my journals and my recipe folders.

space 7

My Raskog Cart which I purchased from IKEA a few years ago, has been an invaluable piece of storage. It now keeps all my most used Junk Journal supplies, and I can move it closer to me if I need to or use it in the lounge room to craft when I am spending time with my boys.

space 2

This table has some storage cubes on it and is covered with protective plastic plus my Hedi Swapp nonstick mat. I can use this space to use mixed media supplies.  The cubes hold my die cut machine and dies, more stamps and ephemera for my Junk Journals, a few of the journals I am using most at the moment, my washi tape storage, the tins hold my watercolor and distress markers and any other supplies I use often.


space 9

My little white bargain desk, I have had forever and I decided to use it for my computer. This gets it off my large corner desk and gives me more space with the tower underneath and my craft sewing machine, when not in use. I have two large jump rings with stencils on them so they are easy to find.

space 6

I have one part of a custom unit, on my large desk to keep my most used scrapping and stamping supplies handy. I have a few of my punches, stamps, tools, extra supplies like adhesive, staples, ribbons etc in the baskets and containers.


On the left of my corner desk, I have the pink magnetic mat, tools and the box is my most used stamps and stickers. On the right is my Tim Holtz Non-Stick mat, and my Canon Selphy Printer, which is one of the best things my boys bought me.

We spend a bit of time in our craft space so why not have it the way it makes you happy 🙂 I still have one son at home so my own room is a little way off yet. I hope my post may have given you a few ideas for your craft rooms and that it helps inspire you to create 🙂

Have a great day!

Kerri x

“Die Cut Storage”

Hi Friends,

If you are a scrapper or you have a die cut machine, you would probably have a bit of a collection of die cuts. I have tried a few ways to store them but nothing seems to work and they are always mixed up, messy and I can never find what I want!!!

On YouTube a few days ago I came across a great Tutorial on solving this problem. If you like, you can check it out  “HERE”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see above in the slide show I have them sorted in themes and sort of in their colors.

Instead of using binders as shown in the video, I am using 3 A4 Visual Art Diaries that I have to use.   With the vintage ephemera I have collected, since creating Junk Journals I might need a fourth 😉

I really liked the idea of flicking through the pages and being able to see them in front of you. Instead of using binders as shown in the video.



I have a bit of a collection of 12×12 sticker sheet collection and decided to add these cut in half. This way they will also be stored in an easy manner to use them, as stuck in envelopes I can’t find them either 🙂

It is a bit of a job to get it sorted but it will save me so much time once I get it done 🙂  I hope you may have got a bit of an idea to store your die cuts and stickers as well.

I’m off to grab a cuppa and I will catch you next time!

Kerri x




“Using My Stash – July -Dec 2019”

Hi Friends,

I have just done a bit de-stash and sort through my craft stash and I have sold and also donated some of my supplies. If you are like me we collect stuff and after a while, it gets on top of me and I have to cull. I find I end up getting overwhelmed and not finding the joy in creating.

Soooo………..once again I am not buying anything new for my stash until after Xmas; only the essentials like glue!  As I am no longer scrapping or crafting the way I used to, I have enough Junk Journaling supplies to keep me going. I have collected some old books to make journals and use for ephemera etc.

I did really well for 18 months the last time I challenged myself to do this again and I know its time to stop spending and use what I have……..I want to keep my craft space clutter free and able to find what I have and I think over the last few weeks I have been managing to do it. I only have my pattern papers to attack and sort them out and my sorting and culling will be all done!!


As you can see above, I have collated my supplies a lot better using these cute bins I found at Kmart. These three have Adhesives, tools and Ink pads etc in them. They fit perfectly on my desk and I have labelled them also so I know what is in them. I have also used a few on my white storage units and they are great.


Next, to the first three, I had room for three more and these have Stamps, Washi tape and Stickers in them. It is great to see what is there and I used a few bits and bobs on the journal pages I created this evening.


Right in front of me, on my left where my computer is, I have these bins with Journal junque, pretty stuff and ephemera in them. I also have a lot more room to make a mess on and I am able to find what I need.

On the left, this unit is right behind me and the other one is on the other side of the lounge. I have been through all my stash and kept what is on the shelves. The small bins have been great to hold bits and pieces and keep everything together. If you are interested I have just listed an album full of goodies on the Craft De-Stash Group on FB 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to know how you store some of your goodies also 🙂

Happy Crafting

Kerri x


Recycled Junk Journal – PART 2″

Hi Friends,

I am back to show you the next steps to creating your very own Junque Journal! Ok, so you have your box of choice cut down to the size you want to use to create in and you have strengthened it with some extra chippy or cardboard.

You can find PART 1 HERE!

STEP 3 –

book 6

I like to use some duct or book tape next to cover the spine and around the edges of the journal. I buy mine here in Australia at our local Bunnings Hardware store.   If you don’t want to do this step, that is up to you but it makes a big difference to the durability of your book. There are also other bookmaking supplies you can use like canvas or book cloth but I like to use what I have and not buy extra supplies if I don’t need to.

book 2a

I use my craft mat to lay it on, but a non-stick surface is great too. I just add lengths of the tape to cover the spine and where it folds. I make the tape longer than needed and then it gets folded over on the other side.

book 3a

I then add tape on this side also to strengthen it and tidy it up. I fold it up and out and use a bone folder or scissors to get into the folds of the spine and make sure it is stuck down well.

STEP 4 –

You can now add the tape around the edges to make them sturdier also. I just cut it across the corners and folded it neatly in. I did this on the outside, then turned it over and tidied it up.


Now, your cover will look like this and be nice and sturdy. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as you will be covering it up and embellishing it.  I hope you are enjoying my Step by Step so far.

The next part will be the covers and inside of the journal! Have a think about what you would like to do with these. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Junking

Kerri x

“A Peek @ My Craft Space”

Hi Crafty Friends,

If you are new to my blog and Junque Journaling you might like a look at my Craft Space and how I store my crafty goodness!  My space is in one part of our lounge room and my kitchen also has a few bits and bobs hiding in there also. At the moment my youngest son who is 21, is still home, but moving out in the near future I hope!! I want his room, so he is on notice lol!

Anyway, making the best of what I have, I found some useful furniture items. I am lucky to have some custom built storage and I have upcycled a few pieces too. I think I am going well as I haven’t moved it around for quite a while!


store 1

I have had a big corner desk for about 5 years and it is awesome. This half unit is on it and it holds some of my mixed media stuff like sprays, inks, glue, etc. The draws hold journaling stuff, pens, my small tools, tapes, labeller etc. On the top is my larger tools in the jug, my JJ basket has ephemera I have been collecting and which I must get some into my journal and my daubers on the end. I have a large Heidi Swapp non-stick mat on the desk at the front of this unit.

My computer sits to the left of this and I have a WRMK magnetic mat on the desk to protect it from the mess I make!! As it has a large ruler with it, it is very useful for holding items if I cut them with a blade.


store 2

This beauty sits behind me on a bookshelf and holds, 6×6 paper pads, stamp boxes which I use for storage, punches, wood stamps, my washi tape storage and small tools.


store 3

Across from my desk, near the huge lounge window, I have this repurposed bar with another shelf unit on top with stamps, my ink pad storage, ephemera folio and another paper storage unit. The tall books shelf is mainly 12 x 12 paper and cs. It also has large music sheet books and other different papers.

store 4

Next, to the vertical paper storage unit, I have some cube storage and a large paper storage unit, which I use to store lots of different supplies like tags, journaling stuff, ephemera and some stamps which are stored in tough plastic envelopes. My Raskog cart sits there when not in use 🙂 On the top of the cubes sits a spice rack for embellishment storage and some of my journals I have made, you will see sitting in the cubes.

store 5

I have just set my Raskog Cart up to hold my JJ goodies. It has some larger envelopes with found items, tags, stencils and different papers, on the top shelf. There is a box which holds napkins, paper doilies, fabric, tissue paper etc on the second shelf. The bottom shelf holds some mixed media tools like watercolour paper, paints and twine. The red buckets on the side hold pencils, distress crayons and markers. I have magnetic tins on the side of the cart that are excellent to hold metal embellishments, buttons, pearls my prima alpha stamps and other bits.

My Bigshot Plus and my dies etc are in the kitchen on a table I picked up from an op shop about 4 years ago. I also have a bit of a ‘mixed media’ station set up with a couple of non-stick mats and a spray box.

I am Greateful to have a craft space and some lovely items to use and store my supplies in. It may not be a fancy room with everything that opens and shuts, but its mine 🙂

I hope you may have found some inspiration for your spaces or some ideas for your JJ goodies,

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know about your blog.  I will hop on over and have a look too.

Happy Junking

Kerri x