“Nameless Vintage JJ Update”

Hi there,

I have been pretty busy working on a couple of other journals and I wanted to get my Vintage Art Journal basically finished that I created with Johanna Clough.

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I decided I wanted to add some of the embellishments I made using my scraps to it. I used them as tuck spots and extra pieces on some of the pages. To some, I added extra nameless photos that I had and a few I created new pages for. I still have room for a bit more in this journal, but for the minute I think it is complete. I also added a bit more to the cover to finish it off also 🙂

I have really enjoyed Johanna’s Tutorial and making this Art journal. Her class is still on YouTube “HERE”   if you would like a peek.

Thanks for stopping by

Kerri x


“The Fun Of The Hunt”

Hi Crafters

No, I am not hunting anything, just hunting for my pages to go into my Ring-Bound Journal. It is a ‘Junk’ journal but that doesn’t mean you have to put ‘junk mail’ etc into it. It’s up to you……………………

I go through all my stash and pull out the stuff I want to include in my journals. In the short video, that is on my Junque Journalist Facebook Page,   “HERE”          you will see the sorts of items I like to include as pages in my journals. I like to add packaging like gift bags cut up, vellum, lined paper, ledger and scrapbook papers, brown paper, watercolor paper and paper bags, paper pattern and the envelopes, clear cello bags and ATC holders, coffee dyed paper and doilies, magazine and book pages, brown paper and gift wrap.


As you can see I have a fair bit of ‘junk’ to add to my journal. I keep things like movie tickets, postcards from holidays, the tickets from movies, decorated happy mail, fave cards given to me, a bit of packaging from my favorite scrapbook designers, stamps, things my boys have given me, bookmarks, fabric, special tags and Artist Trading Cards I make. Special photos and journaling. Anything that is a keepsake to me I keep it. Yes, I am very sentimental and these sorts of things are our history and our life. I am hoping in years to come my boys will remember all these memories I have kept and loved.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you may have a go at making your own junk journal!

Stay tuned as I will show you the journal once I get them all punched, layered and in 🙂

Hugz Kerri x


“15 Minute Challenge – 5 6 &7”

Hi Friends.

I hope all is well in your part of the world. It is colder here today and in between working this weekend, I am doing the wonderful house duties and squishing some craft time!

I am still puddling with Johanna’s quick challenges and I am enjoying them heaps.


chall 5

Challenge #5 – is to use maps somehow in your journal. My boys went to the Air Show here at Avalon in Feb this year and I thought this was a great photo to use with the map paper in the background. I used some layers of paper, stamps and washi tape. I have a few more pics to add also, so will prob put them in a pocket or make a flip 🙂


chall 6

Challenge #6 – is to use or make an envelope. I was given a cd envelope from Juni Desiree in an ephemera pack and I thought I would use it. I have just added it in with some wide washi tape and popped a pic of my sister and I in it for now.  I have a few other pics to journal this story of our day in Melbourne.

chall 7

Challenge #7 –  is to use images and/or photos. I used these lovely pictures I took out of one of my Daphnes Diary magazines of some beautiful David Austen rose gardens. They were my mums fave and I have some wonderful memories of her and I together drooling over the new catalouge each year. I used a bit of paint, torn scrapbook paper and some washi with a bit of a journaling flip.

There are three more challenges to go, so stay tuned over the next few days I will have them done and will give you the details. Hop on over to her YouTube channel and join in the fun!

Have a great weekend!

Kerri x


” 15 Minute Challenge – 3 & 4″

Hi Friends,

I hope you are having a nice Thursday, it is very wet and cold here in Vic. A good day to be indoors and crafting 😉


Challenge #3 from Johanna, was to use paint somewhere on a page. I decided to use some pink and create a border down on side of the page and then when dry, I added some Glitter Gel over the top with a sponge. I will be using this page for some girly photos.



Challenge #4 was to make a page that is sectioned. I just roughly divided my page up and instead of lines, I used washi tape. I decided to use a quote which is ” Just Breathe And Trust You Are Right Where You Need To Be Today” I used a pic of me as I don’t use too many pics of just me in my scrapping and this quote for me is something I need to remember. I am only one person and can only do so much. Where ever the day takes me is where I am supposed to be 🙂 Sometimes I need to step back and remember to ‘breathe’

I hope you are also playing along with Johanna’s class and having some creative time.

Have a great creative day and I will be back with the next couple of 15 Minute Challenge for you.

Kerri x

“Learning To Fly”

I have been busily working in my Nameless Art Journal and I have managed another couple of pages today.


As my cat and I are the only females in our house I decided to go with some girly pics and give them a story. These lovely photos are of some little girls, who are so sweet and I thought butterflies were called for. I chose a couple of vintage looking pages with a bit of a pattern with flowers and butterflies. I mounted the photos on some tags that I made and added a few journal words and a title. I used a new zipper stamp around the edges and a large butterfly in the middle of the pages.

Whoever these little ones were, I am sure they spread their wings and had a wonderful life!

cof 7

I also created this page of these two gentlemen. I used a bit more ‘art’ on these pages. I distressed and inked the book paper, coffee dyed the tags and book page, added a few old ephemera, music sheet and stamped plus stenciled with texture paste and ink. I love how this came out and all the layers 🙂

Ok, back to work then a bit more journaling I am hoping this evening 🙂

Have a great night!

Kerri x


“Easy Coffee Dyed Paper”

Hi there,

I’m playing with another page and I just decided on the spur of the moment I wanted some aged-looking tags. Well, of course, I had none left in my stash and I wanted them heavier than copy paper.  I dye paper with coffee quite a lot but, haven’t needed to do any and I couldn’t be bothered getting all the stuff out and set it up in the kitchen for a few. I am not a big coffee drinker and it is there mainly for my sons.

cof 1

I used my new Tim Holtz glass mixed media mat to lay some tags on it then, I mixed up a few coffee granules with some warm water in a spray bottle. I just put some paper towels under them to soak up the excess. It worked perfectly and there is a lovely coffee smell my craft space 🙂 I always have a stash of die-cut tags ready to create with.


I sprayed a few while I was making the mess and a few bits of book page also.

cof 5cof 6

I didn’t want to waste any of the coffee so to use it up I grabbed some muslin and a couple of small white doilies, put them into a container and tipped what was left over them. They are going to look great! With the top of the bottle, I just stamped it over the tags for a bit more effect. I just squeezed out the excess coffee and covering what hadn’t been dyed.

I hope I may have inspired you to have a go at making your own coffee dyed tags and embellishments.

Happy Journaling

Kerri x



“A Bit More Of My Nameless Journal”

Hi There,

Wow! I am having a very busy week as we all do! I have had my oldest son around today for a while, and my youngest is at work.  It has been nice catching up with him and while he has been playing a new video game, I thought I would have a bit of a play in my Vintage Nameless Art Journal and do a few pretties on my personal journal.

I decided to add some feminine softness to the pages, so I added some different trims along the edges of the pages. I also made some tabs from them also.

I wanted to do a couple more pages in my Nameless Art Journal and I came up with these two.

book 3

I like the look of the two photos above. The men looked deep in thought. Object Trov’e means –  discarded objects found by chance. I related to this as the items used on in this journal have been discarded by others and found by me! I used some layers of book paper and music paper, stamps, packaging tags I made and the clock stickers.

book 4

I had a few Tim Holtz Emphemera Film Strips and decided to use these two, I used some stamping, layers of paper and tags washi tape, faux stitching, and some journal stickers. I used a bit of paint to tone down the bright butterflies and a black pen to go around the edges of the tags. The quote in the middles says “ordinary people can do extraordinary things”  I am sure all these people in the photos did do wonderful things in their lifetime………………………….

Johanna’s class is now finished but I am continuing to fill up my Journal with Nameless photos and giving them a story!

You can have a go at her class on YouTube and it is free and really fun to create along with her!

Have a great weekend, I will be back with some more of my art journal over the weekend.

Kerri x


“Paper Napkin Technique”

Hi Friends,

I thought I would take a little break from my journal and show you a fun technique. You may have already seen it out there.

The Technique is called Napkin College, it is very easy and creates a lovely result. I have a lot of book pages that come out of books and I keep some of them to create embellishments for my journals. I love collaging the napkin on to book pages, music sheets and also straight on to projects. I have also done this straight on to book covers and it looks very effective and vintage.

napkin 1

You only need a few supplies for this. Some paper napkins which you can get from cheap shops, some mod podge or my glue sealer made with white glue and some paper to stick it down on which can be anything.

napkin 2

The first thing you need to do is tear off the white background carefully so you don’t tear your design. I used a wet small paintbrush and went around the images I wanted to glue down. This prevents your napkin from tearing in the wrong place.  you can also just glue it down as a whole sheet if you want to.  I like to pick the images that I like.

napkin 3Next, you apply glue on top of the page and then place your image over. You then lightly put more glue over the top to smooth it down and seal it.

You then continue doing the same process to you cover as much of your base as you want. I still wanted some of the music paper to show through. You can leave it at this stage and use as is to make tags, pockets, ATC’s, punched or die-cut shapes, you name it!


I also added a bit of stamping and some texture paste through a stencil for a bit more depth on this page.


These are a few more music and book pages I have collaged over the weekend:) The top three are for a journal and the rest are to make tags, pockets, etc from 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening 🙂

Kerri x