“Nameless Vintage Art Journal First Pages”

Hi Friends

Today in between work I thought I would start my next lesson with Johanna and complete my inside cover and first double page in my Nameless Vintage Art Journal 🙂

nameless 1

As I never cut out a hole in my cover, to put a picture behind it, I decided to do a page on the inside cover and journal a little about what the class is about. In years to come. It will be lovely to look back on this journal and what I have learnt from the class.

nameless 2

For this layout, I pick a random double page in my journal and chose two nameless photos to put on them. I loved the little girl pictures, as having boys I don’t scrap much in the way of female-themed photos.

The idea is to not over think this play and just go with the flow. I had already added a bit of torn paper and some stitching when I created the journal. I just tore up some papers and bits from my scraps, added the photos and just collaged a bit. I added a couple of die cuts and a bit of distress crayon around the edges which I smudged.

If you would like to join in Johanna’s free class, you will find it “HERE”

This was so much fun and great ‘therapy’ after the busy week I am having! Stay tuned, as I hope to have some more to show you over the weekend.

Have a great crafty weekend and if you live down in the South of Victoria, Australia like me, keep warm!!

Kerri x

“Nameless Vintage Art Junk Journal Class”

Hi Friends,

I am taking part in a YouTube Junk Journal Class run by Johanna Clough. It is a class to make a Junk Journal with her and use the photos of people in our families, that we do not know names of and anything about them. You can also use stock photos or ephemera.

I am really enjoying this different creative outlet working along with her class and I am really happy with my results so far.

You can find her YouTube Channel here and have a go it also HERE! Johanna first inspired me to stop making endless scrapbooking layouts and work in Junque Journals. I love the freedom and the fun process fo scrapping like this now, and I have been making a few!

PART 1Making The cover – As you can see Johanna did hers very vintage looking. I used her tutorial but did it a little different to my style.


My first attempt didn’t go quite to plan so I started again and I am very happy with this cover. I used an old book, took the pages out and used the cover. Instead of cutting out a window I used some ephemera as my cover was very thick and I didn’t want to chance to wreck it with a knife!

THE TECHNIQUE – To create this texture on my book cover, I Gessoed it all over first to prime it. I then used my glue/sealer to adhere crumpled baking paper over the top making sure it was well covered under and over it. I then used my Dylsuions Inks and sprayed over the top with one colour, then when it dried I added a bit more of another colour and some stamping paint that I used with my fingers over the creases. Once dried I added a bit more of sprayed ink and sprayed it with water and let it run. Once it dried thoroughly overnight I painted it with another coat of sealer. 


On the inside of my book, I made sure the paper went inside a little and I adhered it down and tidied up the corners. I then used some Prima paper from an A4 pad I have to finish the inside. The black you can see is cloth tape that I always use to strengthen the spine.  I used my crop-o-dile to punch the holes and add the large eyelets. This is where the pages will be bound in. Once the book is together you won’t really see it 


PART 2 – Making the Pages –  Johanna made 4 lots of paper into her signatures and I also coffee stained my A4 copy paper, added bits and bobs from my scraps as she did, but instead of sewing on a machine, I went with faux stamped stitches.


I chose to use pattern paper for the cover of each signature instead of cardstock. I added a few more pages to mine as my spine is a bit thicker.


You can see above, I used some brown twine to bind my signatures the same way Johanna has. I have left long strings on them for the next part of our class.

Stay Tuned!

Thanks for stopping by

Kerri x


Hi Friends and Welcome to my new blog, The Junque Journalist!

If you don’t know me, my name is Kerri Smith and I am an Aussie girl! I have been an avid Papercrafter and Memory Keeper for about 20 years. My new love is Junque Journaling. Here, at my new home, you will find me puddling with making new Junque Journals and/or creating in ones I have made 🙂 

If you haven’t heard of a Junque (Junk) Journal before it is a book created using an old book cover, recycled cardboard, cereal boxes, anything you want to use and is made into a new useful book. The term Junque comes from what you can add to it like, book pages, magazine pages, ephemera, and anything else you like to collect to add to it.

Like art journaling, there is no “one size fits all” definition for what a junk journal really is.

Junk journals can vary from person to person, but generally, most of them do share one primary characteristic: The journal is made with mostly a mix of found and recycled materials. The official definition is –
Junk Journal: A book which is often made through found and recycled materials to be used as a way to collect and record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

You can use them as Planners, art journals, memory books, personalized gifts, make them for different themes like gardening, fairies, pets, flora, etc, the list is endless!!!! I use mine for all those things and more.

I will be posting some of my content from old blog here as it is JJ related and you may not have seen it 🙂

I hope you will come along on this Junque Journalist Journey with me and hopefully, I will be able to inspire you to create your own, learn some new techniques and tips and generally have fun!!!


Happy Junking, Kerri x