“Nameless Vintage JJ Update”

Hi there,

I have been pretty busy working on a couple of other journals and I wanted to get my Vintage Art Journal basically finished that I created with Johanna Clough.

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I decided I wanted to add some of the embellishments I made using my scraps to it. I used them as tuck spots and extra pieces on some of the pages. To some, I added extra nameless photos that I had and a few I created new pages for. I still have room for a bit more in this journal, but for the minute I think it is complete. I also added a bit more to the cover to finish it off also 🙂

I have really enjoyed Johanna’s Tutorial and making this Art journal. Her class is still on YouTube “HERE”   if you would like a peek.

Thanks for stopping by

Kerri x


“Don’t Bin It – Use It”

Hi Ladies,

When I am making my journals and cutting down 12×12 paper etc for them I get lots of leftovers and I have a box full of them. I was inspired by a couple of lovely clever ladies on YouTube with what they create using their scraps and I decided to give making some journal embellishments ago. I hold on to scrap papers etc, about 3″ square and above, anything else I don’t usually bother with so some of these scraps were lucky!!

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All I did to make them was to grab some music paper, book page, scrapbook paper scraps, die cuts, trims, stickers, small ephemera, lace, muslin, stickers, etc and just put them together in layers. I think I made about 50 all up so I have a nice supply for my Vintage style journals to use as paper clips, tuck spots for photos and journaling. Just some pretties for the pages.

This was fun and very relaxing as I didn’t need to really think about it I just played 🙂 “Nic The Booksmith”  and “Gayle Agostinelli” are a couple of my fave crafters on YouTube if you would like to have a look at all their wonderful Tutorials 🙂

Thanks, for stopping by and any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you 🙂

Happy Crafting

Kerri x

“The Fun Of The Hunt”

Hi Crafters

No, I am not hunting anything, just hunting for my pages to go into my Ring-Bound Journal. It is a ‘Junk’ journal but that doesn’t mean you have to put ‘junk mail’ etc into it. It’s up to you……………………

I go through all my stash and pull out the stuff I want to include in my journals. In the short video, that is on my Junque Journalist Facebook Page,   “HERE”          you will see the sorts of items I like to include as pages in my journals. I like to add packaging like gift bags cut up, vellum, lined paper, ledger and scrapbook papers, brown paper, watercolor paper and paper bags, paper pattern and the envelopes, clear cello bags and ATC holders, coffee dyed paper and doilies, magazine and book pages, brown paper and gift wrap.


As you can see I have a fair bit of ‘junk’ to add to my journal. I keep things like movie tickets, postcards from holidays, the tickets from movies, decorated happy mail, fave cards given to me, a bit of packaging from my favorite scrapbook designers, stamps, things my boys have given me, bookmarks, fabric, special tags and Artist Trading Cards I make. Special photos and journaling. Anything that is a keepsake to me I keep it. Yes, I am very sentimental and these sorts of things are our history and our life. I am hoping in years to come my boys will remember all these memories I have kept and loved.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you may have a go at making your own junk journal!

Stay tuned as I will show you the journal once I get them all punched, layered and in 🙂

Hugz Kerri x


“Ring-Bound Journal”

Today I decided I wanted to make a ring-bound journal.  Not for anything in particular but just cause I could 🙂  I have made a few journals using the Twine Binding Method and they are great but, to have a journal the opens completely flat to Junque Journal in will be much easier.

I thought about the covers and I decided on some sturdy book covers that I cut the spine from. I have an unused cookbook which measures approx 8×10″.The size rings I thought I would try are 3.5 cm.


The first thing I did was gesso over the front and back so that anything I stick or paint will stick to them. I decided to use a couple of lovely prints from one of my Daphne’s Diary magazines and then I added a quote. I adhered them on with really strong double-sided tape and extra strong PVA. I didn’t want them going anywhere. I added a bit of dimension using a glitter marker. I guestimated where to punch the holes for the rings and then added the large eyelets. To finish them off I just sponged some Walnut Strain Distress Oxide Ink around the edges.

The quote is a fave of mine and it reads –

“She doesn’t have religion, her faith resides in the stars, flowers, ocean and herself” –  Zachery K Douglas

Now on to cutting out some paper for it and stay tuned for the next post 🙂

Have a great day!

Kerri x