“Die Cut Storage”

Hi Friends,

If you are a scrapper or you have a die cut machine, you would probably have a bit of a collection of die cuts. I have tried a few ways to store them but nothing seems to work and they are always mixed up, messy and I can never find what I want!!!

On YouTube a few days ago I came across a great Tutorial on solving this problem. If you like, you can check it out  “HERE”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see above in the slide show I have them sorted in themes and sort of in their colors.

Instead of using binders as shown in the video, I am using 3 A4 Visual Art Diaries that I have to use.   With the vintage ephemera I have collected, since creating Junk Journals I might need a fourth 😉

I really liked the idea of flicking through the pages and being able to see them in front of you. Instead of using binders as shown in the video.



I have a bit of a collection of 12×12 sticker sheet collection and decided to add these cut in half. This way they will also be stored in an easy manner to use them, as stuck in envelopes I can’t find them either 🙂

It is a bit of a job to get it sorted but it will save me so much time once I get it done 🙂  I hope you may have got a bit of an idea to store your die cuts and stickers as well.

I’m off to grab a cuppa and I will catch you next time!

Kerri x




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