“Using My Stash – July -Dec 2019”

Hi Friends,

I have just done a bit de-stash and sort through my craft stash and I have sold and also donated some of my supplies. If you are like me we collect stuff and after a while, it gets on top of me and I have to cull. I find I end up getting overwhelmed and not finding the joy in creating.

Soooo………..once again I am not buying anything new for my stash until after Xmas; only the essentials like glue!  As I am no longer scrapping or crafting the way I used to, I have enough Junk Journaling supplies to keep me going. I have collected some old books to make journals and use for ephemera etc.

I did really well for 18 months the last time I challenged myself to do this again and I know its time to stop spending and use what I have……..I want to keep my craft space clutter free and able to find what I have and I think over the last few weeks I have been managing to do it. I only have my pattern papers to attack and sort them out and my sorting and culling will be all done!!


As you can see above, I have collated my supplies a lot better using these cute bins I found at Kmart. These three have Adhesives, tools and Ink pads etc in them. They fit perfectly on my desk and I have labelled them also so I know what is in them. I have also used a few on my white storage units and they are great.


Next, to the first three, I had room for three more and these have Stamps, Washi tape and Stickers in them. It is great to see what is there and I used a few bits and bobs on the journal pages I created this evening.


Right in front of me, on my left where my computer is, I have these bins with Journal junque, pretty stuff and ephemera in them. I also have a lot more room to make a mess on and I am able to find what I need.

On the left, this unit is right behind me and the other one is on the other side of the lounge. I have been through all my stash and kept what is on the shelves. The small bins have been great to hold bits and pieces and keep everything together. If you are interested I have just listed an album full of goodies on the Craft De-Stash Group on FB 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to know how you store some of your goodies also 🙂

Happy Crafting

Kerri x


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