“2019/2020 Junque Planner”

Hi Friends,

Hope you are having a nice start to the week. I am not up to much just working and resting!  I have just made myself a new planner as my other one has been used quite a lot and I decided I wanted a new one! I am not into planning in a big way, I just need to to be able to record my work, appointments, etc and why not have a pretty journal to do this in!

plan 2

This time I have used a recycled book cover. I just used some pattern paper from my stash for the inside of the covers. I extended the spine when I removed the pages to give me a bit more room and just used some cardboard to reinforce it. I liked the look of it so I didn’t add any cloth tape over it like I usually do. It’s a bit more rustic like me 🙂

I usually put 6 months at a time in my journal, but I have the whole 12 months ready to use. I work with different clients and have two rosters, so keping track of my days is essential. I have used my coffee dyed paper in this with unused Project Life cards left over. I used one for each day to give me a good amount of space to journal on.

I didn’t want to much on the cover, I used some collaged pattern paper and some washi tape. For the binding, I added some nice mushroom coloured trim and then some lovely brown organza ribbon to hold the signatures in. I just added a key embellishment to it. It is now ready for me to add my never-ending work roster and be in control of at least my daily work routine!!!

Maybe I have inspired you to create a lovely journal to keep track of your life also. I would love to hear from you if you do!

Happy Junking

Kerri x