Recycled Junk Journal – PART 2″

Hi Friends,

I am back to show you the next steps to creating your very own Junque Journal! Ok, so you have your box of choice cut down to the size you want to use to create in and you have strengthened it with some extra chippy or cardboard.

You can find PART 1 HERE!

STEP 3 –

book 6

I like to use some duct or book tape next to cover the spine and around the edges of the journal. I buy mine here in Australia at our local Bunnings Hardware store.   If you don’t want to do this step, that is up to you but it makes a big difference to the durability of your book. There are also other bookmaking supplies you can use like canvas or book cloth but I like to use what I have and not buy extra supplies if I don’t need to.

book 2a

I use my craft mat to lay it on, but a non-stick surface is great too. I just add lengths of the tape to cover the spine and where it folds. I make the tape longer than needed and then it gets folded over on the other side.

book 3a

I then add tape on this side also to strengthen it and tidy it up. I fold it up and out and use a bone folder or scissors to get into the folds of the spine and make sure it is stuck down well.

STEP 4 –

You can now add the tape around the edges to make them sturdier also. I just cut it across the corners and folded it neatly in. I did this on the outside, then turned it over and tidied it up.


Now, your cover will look like this and be nice and sturdy. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as you will be covering it up and embellishing it.  I hope you are enjoying my Step by Step so far.

The next part will be the covers and inside of the journal! Have a think about what you would like to do with these. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Junking

Kerri x

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